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Benefits of Permanent Makeup Cosmetic Tattooing

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PMU stands for permanent makeup, also known as semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing or microblading

I can’t live without it….literally!  I have had permanent makeup since I was 16 and will continue to do so.  Why? Here are some of the main benefits of getting permanent makeup done:

Time Saving

PMU saves time in the morning as it eliminates the need for daily makeup application. Great for anyone but definitely the ones with busy lifestyles will benefit the most as they don’t have those extra few minutes.  Or if you do, who doesn’t want an extra few minutes of snooze time in the morning.


PMU is a long lasting cosmetic solution that requires minimal maintenance.  Remember cosmetic tattooing is low maintenance and not no maintenance.  You will still need to groom your eyebrows and go for color refreshers about every 1-3 years but it will still make your life that much easier.

Boosts Confidence

PMU enhances one’s appearance.  As we all know, brows frame the face and eyes so who wouldn’t want a little confidence booster.  And if you have any scars or missing gaps of hair in your eyebrows, permanent makeup is the solution you are looking for.

Improves Symmetry

PMU can be used to correct asymmetrical features and balance the face.

Cost Effective

In the long run, permanent makeup is a cost effective solution as you will be saving money on daily eyebrow makeup products.  Also, you will save time.  And you know the saying, time is money!

Check out some of the healed results from our studio, who wouldn’t want to wake up and go like this?!


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