How many sessions will I need?

Usually 2-4 procedures. The first procedure is to build up. The 2nd procedure (7-10 days after initial) is to build density. A third and fourth session is only needed if the client wants to build it up more density. You rather build up slowly then overdo it.

Is the treatment painful?

The average person rates the pain a 2-3/10. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Some people find the procedure soothing and relaxing.

How is the recovery period?

Client will experience some redness and swelling for a few days after procedure. The color will be darker for the first 7-10 days. Bruising can occur time to time.

What if I use hair systems?

You are not to wear any hair systems, rug or hair piece 10-14 days before procedure. Your skin needs to breath.

How long after laser treatments will I have to wait?

Must wait 2-4 weeks until we can do the procedure.

What if I have scars?

Clients must come back 5-7 days or when swelling has come down to strengthen the fast fading pigment in scar area

Will the pigment used fade or change color?

This is not tattoo ink, there is no risk of color turning blue or green. If there is any fading it will happen within the first year, the fading will just be a lighter color of the initial. That is when your third session comes in.

When can I start washing my head?

Immediately after with baby shampoo only for the next 2 weeks.

What does NOT make me a candidate for scalp micropigmentation?

– Blood clots
– Infectious disease (HIV/Hepatitis)
– Epilepsy
– Diabetes
– Albinism
– Heart disease
– Liver disease
– High blood pressure
– Undergoing antibiotic therapy
– Undergoing blood thinner therapy
– Undergoing chemotherapy
– Under the influence of drugs or alcohol