Welcome to Brownude Academy

Where Micropigmentation Professionals Are Made


Brownude is widely and highly recognized as a Canadian leader in micropigmentation. We train our students in both manual and machine techniques, expanding your horizons as a budding PMU artist. Our goal is to surpass industry standards while keeping up with ever-evolving global trends. Your future clients want access to the very latest micropigmentation techniques learned so you can translate your new skills into your own settings.

Our team of talented and deeply knowledgeable instructors have shared their wisdom and inside secrets with hundreds of students all across North America. We believe that our students’ success is our success, which is why we continue to work hard and continue to educate ourselves to expand our own knowledge. As lifelong learners, we never stop studying new techniques to pass the very latest micropigmentation knowledge onto our students.  We hold nothing back in our classes.

When you choose Brownudeyou choose a team of skilled industry veterans who genuinely want to see you succeed. Our mission is to nurture your skills and unleash your ultimate inner-artist, through a curriculum that covers plenty of theory and practical knowledge. While theory is critical, practical experience is the only way to truly understand micropigmentation and put your theory into practice on models.

We offer comprehensive and in depth curriculums for nano brows, microblading, powdered ombre, lip blush, saline tattoo removal in Vancouver, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta.  We do offer training across North America, you may see us in a city near you soon!

The Brownude team can help you build/fortify the foundation to your career path whether you are new or experienced.  Take your micropigmentation game to the next level, no academy teaches PMU like Brownude.  From private one on one, intimate small classroom settings, masterclasses to online education, you pick the class that is fit for youContact our team today to learn more about our comprehensive courses. We look forward to welcoming you to the family and making your PMU artistry dreams come true.