What is Luxury Brow Lamination?

A semi-permanent procedure which emphasizes your brow’s natural fullness. A gentle lamination solution is used to stylize the brow hairs to create a fluffier, defined and fuller look.  This luxury service includes a tint and clean up service by tweezing.

Am I a good candidate?

Brow lamination can do wonders for a person.  If you have sparse brows, it fills in those spots giving the illusion they are fuller. If you have coarse and wiry brows, brow lamination will help to smooth and tame them down.  If your brow hairs grow in different directions, a brow lamination helps to reposition and tame the brow hairs giving your brow line a more crisp and defined look. Please note that you must have natural brow hairs for this treatment to be the most beneficial.

How long does the treatment take?

The full service which includes grooming of the eyebrows, lamination and tint takes about 1-1.5 hours.

Is there downtime to brow lamination?

There is absolutely no downtime to brow lamination. You may go back to your regular everyday routine immediately after  the procedure.

What is the aftercare for brow lamination?

For the first 48 hours, we do recommend that you avoid getting your brows wet, do not sleep on them as well as not put anything on them (makeup).  We will be providing a brow balm with a spoolie for maintenance for you brush your hairs for the 4-8 weeks to make them last longer.

How long does brow lamination last?

Depending on how often you wash your face and your skin type, ideally a brow lamination should last anywhere between 4-8 weeks.

Can you get it brow lamination when you are pregnant or nursing?

We do not recommend getting this treatment while pregnant or nursing.