Frequently Asked Questions

Is the procedure painful?

Most say eyeliner hurts the least out of all cosmetic procedures.  A highly-effective, topical anesthetic cream and gel are used for numbing before and during your procedure. Pain threshold levels vary from person to person and every effort is made to ensure you remain comfortable for the entirety of the procedure.  If you are on your menstrual cycle you will be a bit more sensitive towards the pain.

How does the procedure feel?

You will feel a slight vibration against your eye.

What happens if I open my eyes?

The technician has a very firm grip of your eyelids and they are also trained to have fast reflexes to pull away.

How long does it last?

The tattoo is permanent but it will fade over time.  Everyone takes to the pigment differently, color reboosts are recommended to maintain the color.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

The day you come in for your procedure, please wear absolutely NO eye makeup and also have No coffee/tea/caffeine  in your system.  Please be off eyelash growth serums for a minimum of 3 months prior. NO EYELASH EXTENSIONS CAN BE WORN DURING THE PROCEDURE PLEASE HAVE THEM REMOVED PRIOR TO ARRIVING.

How is the healing process?

Immediately after your eyes may be swollen and bruised for a couple of days (it will give off the appearance of as you have been crying).  The swolleness shall subside in a few hours, placing spoons in your fridge then placing it on the eyelid will help speed up the prcoess.  It takes an average about 4-5 days for the scabs to naturally fall off.  Your true color will not be apparent until the 4-6 week mark.

What if I am wanting a dramatic eyeliner?

If you are wanting eyeliner that is super thick, dramatic or very winged unfortunately we are not the studio for you.  We specialize in the most natural looks for everyday wear.

Can I get cosmetic tattooing if I am pregnant or nursing?

For precautionary reasons, we do not perform any services on pregnant or nursing clients.