Can you wear makeup after?

You must wait a minimum of 2 days before wearing makeup. You do not want to clog up all your new open pores

Do I have to keep my face hydrated?

Yes, you must keep your face hydrated with soft moisturizers. (no tinted moisturizer) please wear sunscreen.

What should I avoid on my skin after treatment?

Anything that has glycolic acid, retinol, acidic or have active ingredients for 2-3 days to allow healing.

What will my face look like after?

  • For dermaplaning: your face will look nice and smooth.
  • For microneedling: your face will have a little redness (may look like a light sunburn) which will go down within 24 hours. Your skin will be smooth and radiant a week after

Can this be done on all types/color of skin?

Yes, there will be no discoloration. We do not do any procedures on clients who have cystic acne.

How many treatments do I need and how often can I get it done?

We recommend every 4-6 weeks for a treatment. To reproduce your collagen we recommend a minimum of 3 treatments. For a scar reduction and skin tightening we recommend 4-6 treatments depending on how deep. For stretch marks we recommend 4-8 treatments depending on how deep.

Does it hurt?

There is no pain for dermaplaning.  For microneedling, every ones pain threshold is different. We do numb you and keep you as comfortable as much as we can. You should feel very little discomfort

Can I get these procedures done while pregnant?

You can get dermaplaning done.  Unfortunately as a precaution, microneedling can not be done while pregnant.