Having earned over 30 certifications, performed over 6,000 procedures, and built up two successful PMU companies from scratch, Thuy is one of the best in the industry. Though her experience and expertise speak for themselves, it is her passion that truly sets her apart, and after 15 years in beauty, she still finds it an honor to be able to spend her days doing something she loves.

Based in Edmonton, Thuy owned a very popular lash studio before deciding to focus exclusively on permanent makeup. Unable to find a studio that met her high standards, she founded Brownude Permanent Cosmetics, along with a leading PMU distribution company called Browbox. Her powdered ombre method quickly attracted a loyal following, and she is now widely recognized throughout Canada for her flawless technique and stunning results.

In fact, Thuy has won numerous awards for both her studio and her individual work as an artist. Most recently, she won the 2019 Permanent Makeup Specialist of the Year in Alberta as well as the best 2020 Permanent Makeup Studio in Edmonton—awards made even more meaningful by the fact that they were voted by the public, since connecting with her clients is the most rewarding part of her job.

Driven by the transformative power of what she does, Thuy constantly pushes herself to keep improving. She has traveled around the world to enhance her already formidable skills with some of the industry’s leading instructors, and she regularly attends courses and seminars to continue honing her craft and mastering the latest trends. As an educator herself, she is now committed to sharing that craft, and with the support of her talented team, she spends every day helping both her students and her clients achieve their goals.