DATE: MARCH 16 & 17 2018

Join us on our two day introductory program and learn how to use a cosmetic tattoo device to create natural nano hairstrokes and combination brows. Students will be introduced to shapes, patterns, depth, angle and hand speed . All of these are key principles for creating realistic hair strokes for natural eyebrow permanent makeup. Hoi, Thuy, Hanna, and Starrly will demonstrate their unique styles on live models.

Upon the completion of this course, students will be able to make stunning patterns, clean hair strokes, and understand when to utilize a technique that’s better suited for their client’s unique skin type and brow style.

This course is intended for both beginners and professionals experienced in permanent makeup. Discover the versatility of the device and the freedom it offers in creating your brow art.

DAY 1: Fundamental Nano Hairstrokes and Patterning with Hoi

DAY 2: Combination Brows with Nano Hair strokes with Thuy

Saline Removal and Correction with Thuy and Theresa

Registration: January 11, 2018 at 10:00 AM (Applicants must be approved prior to registration)

Pre-requisite: Must be certified in cosmetic tattooing. Device and machine experience is preferred but not mandatory.

Applicants must provide: (Please email to info@brownude.com and hoi@hoitattoo.com)

  • A brief description of your experience and training
  • A copy of your certificate
  • Portfolio

Location: Hilton Garden Hotel, East Village Calgary Canada

Price: $3500 +GST

Includes: Course Materials

  • Brow Box Permanent Makeup Machine and 10 nano needles
  • Goodie bag with essential permanent makeup supplies.
  • Breakfast, gourmet lunch, and refreshments all day

Please book your place as soon as possible!

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