Beginner’s Fundamental Cosmetic Micropigmentation Course

An intense 3 day fundamentals course for students who have little to no experience in cosmetic micropigmentation tattooing. There are no prerequisites for this course as it is great for all skill levels from beginner to current artists who feel like they need a refresher.

This course will cover the microbladed hairstrokes, powdered ombre and the combination eyebrows you see on our social media. Learn in-depth complete processes of the techniques, color theory, machine and needle preference we follow in our studio. You will learn micropigmentation inside and out and gain the confidence you need to begin your exciting new career in this fast growing industry.

All products to be used in class, lunch and refreshments will be provided. Your kits include everything we use personally in our studio.  We offer small classroom sizes for more one on one with the instructor. You will also have continued support through phone and email with our instructors after completion as we want to set you up to succeed.

Course Overview
Day 1:
▪Introduction to permanent cosmetics
▪Skin anatomy
▪Eyebrow design and measurements
▪Introduction to microblading hairstroke eyebrows
▪Hands on practice on artificial skin
▪Instructor demonstrates microblading hairstroke eyebrows
Day 2:
▪Cross contamination
▪Protective equipment
▪Healing and aftercare
▪Introduction to powdered ombre eyebrows
▪Hands on practice on artificial skin
▪Instructor demonstrates powdered ombre eyebrows
▪Students hands on microblading hairstroke eyebrows on (provided) models
Day 3:
▪Combintation eyebrows
▪Allergic reactions and patch testing
▪Fixing errors and corrections
▪Review of release and consent forms
▪Business and studio setup
▪Client preparation
▪Hands on practice artificial skin
▪Students hands on powdered ombre eyebrows on (provided) models


Next Course

April 13-15 – SOLD OUT

August 3-5, 2018 from 9:30am – 6:30pm